Centrum Paraple

About us

Our rehabilitation & councelling center assists clients with spinal cord injury and their families in the return to a full life.
Centrum Paraple strives for the return of people with spinal cord injuries back to full and active life.
Our aim is to motivate clients - we offer and help them to achieve new possibilities. We support them to the maximum extent of self-sufficiency, autonomy and independence. We accompany wheelchair people and their loved ones, and share with them the situations occurring throughout life.
We collaborate actively with experts; we strive for the necessary coherence with other care providers. We struggle for accepting attitude and public support for people paralyzed due to spinal cord injury.

Our services

Centrum Paraple is a unique facility nationwide. With its high-quality multidisciplinary team the center provides health and social services, education, leisure and other activities aimed at meeting the needs of clients with spinal cord injuries.
To ensure stable operation of the NGO as well as fundraising and promotional targets is met, the center organizes a series of benefit events.

Get involved

Ways in which the public can support us

Financially – use your money to help wheelchair users!
Support us by transferring a donation to the account: 932 932 932 / 0300
Account for sending donations based on a donation contract: 239 586 242/0300
(Banking information for payment from foreign countries)

Easily and securely using a payment card or through PaySec on the portal Darujspravne.cz.
The Daruj správně service is provided by the Czech Donors Forum.

Sending SMS text donations
Send the text message “DMS ROK PARAPLE” to the number 87 777 or “DMS PARAPLE” to the number 87 777
The DMS service is provided by the Czech Donors Forum. More information can be found at www.darcovskasms.cz

If you want to support us by making a donation in kind, please contact our Public Relations Department at kabrtova@paraple.cz.

Become a volunteer with Centrum Paraple. With our dedicated volunteers wheelchair users can get to places they would not be able to reach without help from other people. Our programme “Rambling Around” is based on help from volunteers. Our clients regularly go to cultural, sporting, and other events with volunteers.
We also welcome offers of corporate volunteering.
For more information contact us at kabrtova@paraple.cz.

Buying Gifts
Choose an attractive stylish T-shirt, rucksack or an original audio CD etc., and make two people happy at once!
Support us by buying gifts with the Centrum Paraple logo. We will use the proceeds to provide specialist services for people with spinal cord injuries.
You can either buy your gift at the Centrum Paraple reception or have it sent to you cash on delivery. If you are interested, contact our Public Relations Department stelcova@paraple.cz.

Organising a fundraising event
It is also possible to support Centrum Paraple by organising a fundraising event. If you decide to organise a public or corporate event for our benefit, or to support us with the revenue from a concert or some other cultural or sporting event, please get in touch with Alena Kábrtová (kabrtova@paraple.cz) from our Public Relations Department.

Confirmation of receipt of donation
For all donations we are happy to prepare a confirmation that we have received the donation, which can be used for tax reduction or donation contract purposes.

Partners and donors

Centrum Paraple is proud and grateful to be in partnership with the following organisations.
Principal partners
Public institutions
Major partners
Media partners
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PR & fundraising
Alena Kábrtová
Mobile: 00420 274 001 321
E-mail: kabrtova@paraple.cz